Saturday, 26 December 2015


Heey beauties! Long time no blog..its for alot of good causes though lol. So today I’m going to talk about two things that are ongoing right now and are both amazing.

First yesterday was the launch of 16days of activism against gender based violence. Coincidentally i watched a movie last night called ‘My boyfriend killed me’, about a girl who was practically beaten to death by her boyfriend over a period of four years, until she died. I don’t understand why women don’t leave the men who beat them but they shouldn’t be in that position in the first place. Men who beat women are weak. They don’t deserve to be called men. So join the fight against GBV. #orangetheworld


Salaam beauties, call it tippy Thursday or something but never take blog pictures when you’re hungry, it makes for a grumpy model and you’ll probably end up hating most if not all the pictures, ask my friend and photographer samarere, she will tell you. Can we talk about accessories now..

For this look I was in a head to toe basic outfit of black and white so what better way to give your look a lil pazaaz than we a beautiful bag,Sunnies and the cutest floral watch ever, I thought so too.

Hey RED ♡

Salaam beauties, fun fact this is the only other red thing I own aside from a hijab. Talking about my everyday style. Am always wearing a blazer, well almost always. I have never found a name for this look but my cousin seems to call it ‘very Audrey Hepburn’ and I will not decline. That woman is phenomenal.
For the look I paired basic colour and the pop of red to break the basics.

Mirrored loveleena

Salaam beauties, new blog look again, the other one was’nt as flexible. Am loving it.
Okay, now to the real stuff, this is aminafemshion, you’ll get the whole idea of it with time.
For this look I mirrored fashion blogger Loveleena, adding to the fact that her name has love in it, you seriously have to love her style.