Saturday, 26 March 2016

C'est La Vie

Salaam ladies, total random post. Am in the middle of studying and I get some sort of 'epiphany', well not entirely but a moment that am sure as hell going to write about.  You know how you get beat down sometimes by life, in whatever form, the last couple of months have been like that for me. Lets just say am not one to leave things 'out of order'. So when a few things start to spiral it drives me close to nuts. Anyway, outta nowhere, in a very long time, I feel like myself again. I am not angry, or sad, I feel like am in control of my life again. A calm feeling that everything is going to be okay. I feel Bossed up haha. You know when you stop tripping coz you remember you how strong you are, yea thats me right now.
Its okay to be angry, you won't and can't control everything in your life, you just gotta let it slide sometimes. Stick with God, if anybody's got you its Him. If things get too much, take a breather. Surround yourself with positive energy, I can't emphasise this more, let go of anything thats bringing you down. Happiness is from within, you can't look for that in other people.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Salaam loves, i know i know, whats up with the no blog posts?. I really try to be consistent with blogging but school literally took over any kind of life i had before, and am not even done ya'll but In shaa Allah in a few weeks i'll be back with posts that are giving me the gitters (Yaas,that good!) Hopefully you ladies will love them as much.