Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Salaam loves, i know i know, whats up with the no blog posts?. I really try to be consistent with blogging but school literally took over any kind of life i had before, and am not even done ya'll but In shaa Allah in a few weeks i'll be back with posts that are giving me the gitters (Yaas,that good!) Hopefully you ladies will love them as much.
Oh and the loyals,my loves, the ones who keep checking the blog to see for new content...you guys are everything, thank you.
I had to blog, i just had to man, So am showing you some of my favourite things which i was to post before but did'nt for i don't know what reason lol, These are some of the things i think that a girl should atleast have in her stuff,and i'll tell you why. So without further ado, lets do what it do! (on that note, watch Josh levya on youtube,he is hilarious among other things)

A Statement neckpiece- nothing like a chunky necklace to make an outfit more chic. as a lover of all things nuetral colours lol, pairing a necklace immediately makes it seem like i put effort in my Ootd. Can't get enough of this one. gold or silver is entirely upto you. 

Matte Lipstick- i don't know about you ladies but i don't go out without some form of lipstick on my lips, i mean i could go bare face but must have some lipstick on, and matte lipsticks give me life, because they stay put the whole day. Be sure to apply some lip balm to avoid cracking coz matte lipsticks get super dry at times.
Watch- Never been a watch person btw until i got this floral one. Perfect accessory, ow and it helps with time when my phone dies lol.

JERSEY scarves, Haaallo! okay if you know me in person, you know i live in these hijabs, especially black and nude. they tie so perfectly, i dont even gotta worry about the wind (you know what i mean) 
Solid coloured hijabs have always been thing even before they were a thing. Me and prints never went well together so i just wore black 99.9% of the time until they started making jerseys, i mean other materials would'nt cut it for me.

lastly, Perfume, an oil perfume that you put on your hair, let me tell you something, am obsessed. Get some please,

Neckpiece- dubois road (find similar one @merab_kenya on i.g)
Lipsticks- Any cosmetic outlet
Hijabs- Hong Kong eastleigh
Perfume- gift from mum (get similar in eastleigh)
Watch- @merab_kenya on i,g

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  1. Loving your blog posts mA... Keep up the good work 😍