Saturday, 30 January 2016

Casual Chic

Salaam beaus, Black,Grey,White,Nude.Repeat. i don't know why but color to me i think is overrated sometimes lol, no...on the reals, i just don't know why am drawn to the neutral colors, i just am.Since its a weekend i think its only right that i do a casual chic outfit post.
First things first, am wearing a very comfortable off-white kimono which, btw, every girl should have a couple of these in different colors because have you noticed how hot this SUN is of late?? its like a hundred degrees man,(as i say that i realize that am exaggerating) but this SUN is brutal and am sure ya'll agree. light cover-ups are just the best way to stay chic and at the same time maintain that human body temperature. light covers-up kimono or not are a wardrobe staple in every hijabi's closet. i think i've emphasized that enough,hehe.
Am also wearing a grey maxi,which is a tube skirt but is comfortable to walk in, you know why? because here's a little trick i have picked up, Buy a bigger size (if you're a size 10 buy a size 12) then adjust the waistline to fit your normal size and its still going to be bigger down so you can walk better. You're welcome. I paired this skirt with a zebra print sheer top and my fave nude jersey scarf. Only accessory i had on, was my watch, which just goes without saying fits perf. Of course, a look isn't casual until you're in some comfortable flats, i highly suggest open pair of flats because again this sun is Brutal. 

Kimono- Thee_thriftshop on instagram
Top- Town (can't remember)
Skirt- Thrift
Scarf- Eastleigh
Shoes- BS


  1. Love the pics and scenery...........can you hook me up with the photographer

  2. Mashallah ��������