Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Grey Jump-dress

Salaam aleikum loves, shoots done at 6 in the evening after sunset might not be the best thing but when your photographer is bomb, you get good pictures. Grey weather, grey outfit..i think i stumble upon such beautiful coincidences.
This piece i really do not know what to call but was inspired by a jumpsuit i saw on tiwa savage,so i changed the bottom to a skirt because, hallo people, modesty. And speaking of modesty why do people think they can negotiate with their religion, i love turbans as much as the next girl but when you show the your hairline..c'mon we both know hair should'nt be out at all. Your hijab is not a trend,its forever, its your protection from harm and a personal relationship with Allah swt, infact my motto is, if you can't pray in it, don't wear it. We can't call it hijab fashion if we're not wearing proper hijab right?, i thought so too.
 Back to this outfit, its safe to call it a jump-dress right, yes i just made that up. Added a DIY chanel broche which i looove, heels which make every outfit ever so chic and a bag which doubles as a sling bag but i opted to remove the sling. 

Jump dress- Custom made
Bag- Stall in Sth b
Shoes- Gifted
Scarf- Hong Kong Eastleigh
Watch- Gift
Chanel Broche- DIY
      Photography by @shiningonemedia on i.g Contacts 0718-845-736
Thanks for reading. Xo.


  1. You're gifted.Keep at what you're doing.I'm falling in love with this blog week by week.

  2. Great jumpdress..haha

  3. Wewe!!!!! such a beauty and so young keep up the good work and also Abaya fashion for old people(speaking for myself :-)) looking for style inspiration here

    1. hehe thank you so much, abaya posts in shaa Allah.

  4. I love love love u r work.The simple chic fashion. Love to steal this.

  5. I love love love u r work.The simple chic fashion. Love to steal this.