Thursday, 8 February 2018


 Asalaam aleikum loves, how are ya'll doing? Alhamdulilah i am good. A little life update as usual lol. January was good and february is starting off to a good start. I went to dubai for a week. The city is magnificent, talk about
development. Their infrastructure is A1, the city is clean and beautiful. Being in a muslim city, AH, the joy of finding a mosque anywhere, toilets with arabian showers, haha that is an underrated luxury. I went for business but managed to do an open bus tour of the city which was fun. I was not ready for all the walking we did though,shiish. Coming back was such a hustle too, i was taking so many Ls (losses) that day, Alhamdulilah. 
I did an appearance at ntvsasa for moderne (shoutout to jamila mohamed for hooking a girl up). It's on youtube, catch it there. Kiswahili is not my tongue ya'll haha but i'd like to think i tried. Back to grinding and going after every thing i want this year and for my future in shaa Allah. Although i must admit, i'm mad tired. i was asking myself this morning, how long i can keep doing this, but as long as i need to, right? #LETSGETIT

I wanted a casual look but i deadass can't pose in flats, i mean it's just not flattering for blog shoots. The heels bring A look. The denim kimono, is the star of this show. The collar gives the kimono a whole other vibe. You can wear it off-shoulder and pull a cool kid look LOL, or tie it with a belt and rock a blogger-chic look. Either way, you slay. I told you i would be getting back into skirts and this pleat one is currently my fave. What's a look without some female empowerment. Stay Fierce. 
Thanks for stopping by.What vibes is this look giving you? Let me know below! 

Denim Kimono- Moderne
Skirt- Shop in dubai
Shoes- H&M
Sunnies- Forevertrendy

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