Thursday, 5 May 2016

Amina & BurhaneyCollections

Asalaam aleikum loves, for this post i collaborated with one of the best abaya boutiques in town, Burhaney Collections to bring you a variety of buibuis you can pick from. I was asked by one of my readers to do an abaya post for the more grown up women, here you go, hope you all like it. Abayas are modest and timeless pieces that will never go out of style,
because they represent much more than a piece of clothing, its a muslimah's identity, that's how you recognize a muslim woman, a fellow sister. So what happens when they put some color, embroidery,pockets , different fabrics on your most comfortable piece of clothing, you get modest meets chic.  Here are some of my favourite pieces from burhaney collections.

1. Off-White Lace Open Abaya

This is btw the closest i have gotten to wearing an all-white outfit. i know how much white scares most of us but for this lace beauty,i'm ready to take that chance. You can button it up or leave it open as you desire. I opted for a hijab of the same colour but works with black as well.

2. Navy-Embroidered with Pockets

This abaya reminded me of a bisht and how gorgeous is this navy colour!. It's also open but has an option of buttons if you want it closed. Now for this abaya or any other coloured abaya you might have, my advice would be to pair it with a scarf of the same colour. Who does'nt love pockets! Pockets are game changers for me, so this was an absolute yes. 

3. Two-Piece Waterfall 

Another gorgeous design, can we take a moment to appreciate the creativity in this abaya. It's a two-piece, comes with a white dress under and that waterfall cover-up that took this piece to a whole other level for me. Simply adore.

Abayas - Burhaneycollections on i.g, located at jamia mall first floor shop f62 contacts 0722-870-621

Photography by @shiningonemedia on i,g contacts 0718-845-736


  1. MashaAllah Thanks :-) beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mashaallah you are beautiful

    1. thank you dear, for prices contact the number i have given above

    2. thank you dear, for prices contact the number i have given above

    3. thank you dear, for prices contact the number i have given above

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