Sunday, 17 July 2016


Asalaam aleikum loves, a post has been long overdue but here's a very white comeback(yes, i just said that). Ramadhan was amazing as always. I spent it at home with family as i always do because it just does'nt feel like ramadhan unless i'm at home.
No posts because i was taking a much needed break and i needed to re-invent,same me but a more mature concept. I'm back now,lots more posts will be coming up. I graduated too! A milestone that i'm proud to have accomplished. This was my grad outfit.
I did an all-white look because white is so timeless and elegant, it completely says i'm classy and i know it. Chicness overloaded. The weather has been so gloomy in nairobi lately hence the grey lighting and white is'nt the best with light and photos(it just is'nt) but my bomb photographer managed to do great obviously. Once last thing, don't just play the game,change the game.Food for thought.  Anyway guys have a great week ahead, stay blessed Thanks for reading Xoxo.

Dress- Mode_rne on instagram
Hijab- Eastleigh
Shoes- Eastleigh
 photography by @shiningonemedia on ig contacts 0718-845-736


  1. Amina is the dress custome made or ?

  2. Amina is the dress custome made or ?

  3. I love your work Amina. Most of all i just fell in love with the outfit. Imma steal the idea sometime. Xoxo

    1. thank you babes!appreciate it. haha can't wait to see you rock this look Xo.