Thursday, 4 August 2016

Back at IT

Asalaam aleikum my people. Guess who couldn't stay away from blogging? That's right. So I told ya'll in the last post that I was out looking for a need to keep blogging and in the past few days I think I found it. You may or may not know that I gave away my Instagram page,
because of disconnection and basically just trying to figure out what I was doing with this 'brand' in the making. But fret not, I have a new account (@ameena.abdul), anyway my friend Jamila told me she was mad that I gave it away and stopped blogging because she looks forward to this blogposts, I said, even if I started who would read it now, I have no following and she told me, well maybe not Instagram followers but your blog followers are still there. That made me think, people actually read this blog and look forward to it and that makes me a very happy blogger. A new blogger to be, called fardosa, asked me about blogging and how I went about it, I answered her best I could (right girl?) and left her knowing that she would start a blog soon. So today I asked her if she started it and she said no, because she thought it would not become what she hopes it to be, I told her she won't know if she doesn't try then she said "you also stopped and you were very good at it" THAT right there struck a nerve that had me looking for my laptop to make this post. She inspired me to do this again because in a way I impacted her and I would hate to be the reason another person lost hopes on their dreams or something they meant to do. I'M BACK, and will be posting more because i'll bring back my winning women series! egg-cite! Lol. To the outfit,took this pictures waay back but I wasn't going to post them coz I was doing another abaya shoot and this was the outfit I wore to the shoot and we took random pictures. Btw it was hot af, so this sweater was the wrong option because its absolutely warm and fuzzy. Thanks for reading XoXo.

Sweater- Toi (thrift)
Dress- Eastleigh
Glasses- Town
Shoes- Bata tommies
 Photography by @shiningonemedia on i.g