Saturday, 25 March 2017

How I Style: The Black Maxi Skirt

Asalaam aleikum loves,How is everyone doing? Great i hope, coz i'm estatic,i'm in a really good mood right now. So do we do the part where i say sorry for not doing a fashion post in a while and promise that i have bomb posts lined up? because i do have a bomb line up in my head, i just hope i get the time to shoot them all. If you follow me on instagram,
you'll know that i asked my followers if i should do a styling series and some lovely girls said i should and i finally got it done today. Hoping to do a styling post every end of the month in shaa Allah, let's see how that goes.
The black maxi skirt, this is a wardrobe staple in every hijabi's closet i think, if you don't think it is, uhm, wait till the end of this post to see why you're wrong. A wardrobe staple is a must have piece because almost always you can pair it with a bunch of other items in your closet to give you multiple looks. When i thought of styling this skirt, i had one thing in mind, How do we usually dress up,or rather what occasions (does that make sense) So it came down to these 3 for me.
Outfit details 
Skirt- @mode_rne 
Lace top- Bus station
Denim- Toi 
Blazer- Bus station
T-shirts- Bus station
Jewelry- Dubois rd
Stunners- Archives
Shoes- Town
Photography by @pre3tty on instagram

1. Evening wear
You can rock a maxi to an event, a wedding, a dinner date or whatever else people need to dress up fancy for lol. Pair it with a nice lace or sequins or velvet or floral top, basically something that pops. Add a statement neck piece or chunky jewelry when necessary, in the case of sequins that might be a bit extra but if you're that kinda girl, go you! Heels are a must here, whether they are chunky or stilettos or 1 inch or 6 inch, just get some heels booboo coz they just fancy up any look. A clutch is also the preferred option for evening wear so you can add that if you want. 

2. Casual Wear
You can also dress down the black maxi skirt to get a casual look. My go-to when it comes to dress down shoes are ballet flats, espadrilles, slip-ons and tommies lol (not a sneaker/converse kinda girl) Once you have some nice comfortable flat shoes, Wear a body suit, or a nice t-shirt with a denim jacket, or a sweater or any cover-up aside from a blazer because that's going to make the look official. 

3. Official wear
Lastly, you can style the maxi to go to the office, play around with the top to achieve multiple office wear looks. Shirts, sweater tops, top with a blazer are my faves. If you have more ways to style your official looks, do that as well. 

 Thanks for reading. Xoxo.


  1. SMOKING. I read where you got the items.but am like really how come I never get such items.

    1. thanks babe, i always just stumble upon them really. It's the bus station thrift area, check it out.

  2. Love love this post, please do a hijab tutorial pleaaaaaasssssssseee

    1. aaw thank you babe, hijab tutorial, in shaa Allah

  3. kufunga chuni like you do, has to be some skill, because the drama I have with this is unexplainable

  4. best chunis to get are the jersey ones, you throw them on.

  5. all of them😃

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