Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Faux Fur For the Weather

Asalaam aleikum loves, Kenyan "winter" is here and i'm here for it. I love that i can finally wear my jackets and coats after the everyday summer we have here in Africa. I have nothing against the sun, i like it,love it even, but the cold is nice for a change. Other parts
of the world experience 4 seasons of different weather and bloggers show you how to dress for the weather, can we just say, that i am glad i can do that now, i look forward to our winter for this reason.
Here are the things to keep in mind for this type of weather,
-You don't need a new wardrobe for this weather, just the same outfits will do but with a little cover up.
- Bring out your jackets and coats, throw them over your everyday outfits and you're sorted.
- Shoes, boots are ideal, anything with a little heel (a block heel) is nice especially when it rains. Your usual sneakers and closed shoes are fine if it's not raining.
-Layering is a necessary skill in this weather because we both know the sun can shine any time of the day and it's good to chuck the extra layers to avoid frying after.
Those are my tips and tricks for dressing for the cold weather, hope it helps. Now, for this look i applied my first and second tip, haha almost sounds like a science but then again, fashion is a science. I got a faux fur jacket a couple of days ago and paired it with a print dress, which can be very summer but also kinda toned down because of the blacks. I wore heels but you can wear boots with this look, honestly think that would have been cuter and practical for everyday wear.
Life update: Something positive happened,i'll share once everything is in place. It almost feels like a dream but alhamdulilah. Thanks for reading, Love n Light.
Dress- Moderne 
Faux fur coat- Thrift (can't remember where)
Hijab- Garocollective(get it from eastleigh too)
Photography- @ceekaymoney Ceekaymoney

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