Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Winning woman: Nasra Ali

Asalaam aleikum loves, i was inspired to revive this segment after seeing a picture of our winning woman today graduating with a masters in architecture a few weeks back. I love seeing other women win, it reaffirms my belief that we can all make it and that there's enough room for all of us to do so. Meet Nasra, an architect, feminist and possibly the sweetest girl.

I have not met her yet but  i hope i do soon in shaa Allah. As always, be inspired i am.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, who is Nasra? (Please include qualifications you would like mentioned in the introduction, thanks)
I’m a 26 year old female, feminist and I recently graduated from my Masters in  Architecture. I can be quite talkative and relatively social.

2. Have you always wanted to be an architect? Kind of. I always wanted to be an interior designer because my dad is already an architect... but then architecture evolved from there and I decided doing someone's entire home is better than just the interiors. For me that is… (no offence to the interior designers I celebrate them all! )

3. What’s the hardest and the best part about being an architect?
Hardest part in all honesty is sometimes dealing with stubborn and stingy clients who can honestly just mess your entire morale for a project.
The best part is presenting the finished product to a satisfied client..Giving someone their dream home… There's nothing like it!

4. Aside from your job/academics, do you have any other interests, if yes, tell us more about that?
Yes i do, I also enjoy written poetry,I'm a sucker for good art, painting, sketching and drawing I'm generally an artsy person so you'll find me in or around anything related to art&design
5. In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
I am an overthinker, always self doubting and triple checking…. so I've learned that the best way to build yourself back up is to think positive thoughts and pray… it's worked best for me.
6. What does success mean to you?
To be genuinely happy and honest about 3 things…
         About who you are and your intentions
        What you do -both livelihood and your actions
        The people you surround yourself with (support system)
7. What quote or saying or book do you live by or rather inspires you?
 “Be an encourager, there's already too many critics.” by Dave willis
and anything by Rumi (he might be quite controversial, but some of his philosophies are gold)
8. Which of your traits are you most proud of, why?
My Loyaly in anything and anyone I believe in..  I will push on and bend over backwards, do whatever it takes for anyone or anything I stand for…. I'm proud of it the most because it's ultimately what makes me who I am and who surrounds me...
9. What characteristic do you most admire in other women, career women or otherwise?
I admire humility in women already doing well in what they do… career or otherwise and are humble enough to encourage and support younger generations… and also passion for what they do… that looks good on anyone!
10. What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received in your life and what advice would you give to girls who want to be an architect like you?
Best advice I've ever recieved was actually a question to always reflect on…. “if all your wishes were granted, would they change the world or just yours?”

My advice to girls who want to pursue Architecture: Go For it! All power to you! It's not going to be easy… but it’ll be worth it if you love it and please don't do it you're being pushed to it… Find your niche in this vast world and…. happy planning! 

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  1. That's my girl right there!...proud of you nashy keep up being you ..khadoggi