Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Pleats on pleats

Asalaam aleikum loves, Eid was good? Yea, mine too alhamdulilah. Pleats are in right now, Has anyone else noticed? I'm not so big on following trends but i make exceptions when the fabric feels like silk on you, besides pleats
were always in right?. I am wearing a custom made two piece set that was inspired by my cousin (Hey yas!) I made her an Eid abaya with this pleated fabric and she bought lace to make it seem more chic and i decided to make one for myself but something more my style. Coordinated sets are also in right now btw, i'm quite the trendy girl lately huh. What i love about a coordinated outfit is that it requires zero effort coz you know, it's already paired perfectly. I wore a navy hijab with it because i could not find my black hijab but it didn't turn out too bad, in fact, it broke the black and maroon monotony i was going for lol. How cool are my shoes though.
Life update, i don't have an office job anymore, my contract ended last week, i'm not even mad about it because i was forced out of a comfort zone and now i get to look for something else,on my own. But here's the weirdest part, i can't decide if i should do my masters and get another 9-5 job or run with blogging and my fashion business as a hustle. On one hand, the second option is so "living the dream" but on the other hand i didn't spend 20years in school to not get the 'fruits' of that. I was a pretty good student btw, the type that would read and do all the right things, my ideal was a job at the UN and live happily ever after. lol. Now, i'm a creative apparently and i want to design, write and do photography, what is life? I will let you know what i decide on in shaa Allah, maybe i can do both and have the best of both worlds right?
Side note: why does the image quality on pictures reduce like this on the blog. Urgh. 

Outfit- Custom made
Shoes- Thrift
Photography- @shiningonemedia on instagram Contact 0718-845-736

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