Monday, 17 July 2017


 Asalaam aleikum good people, so this here is my very first #sponsored post and i am so grateful for the opportunities this platform has brought my way, it's not much but no progress is too small. Modestcouture sell some
amazing abayas MashaAllah and getting the chance to share that with you guys had me excited. So i wanted to do something different for this post and when you get a creative photographer, your life as a blogger is that much easier, massive shoutout to ceekaymoney. Don't abayas just make us feel that extra beautiful, for me, they do. I feel most comfortable in an abaya and when it comes in beautiful prints and designs as such, i have more reason to feel good. I did the shoot with my sister and we're both wearing Modestcouture abayas. If you would like to get the same look, check their pieces out here and tag me on instagram when you get something from them, i would love to see the look! They also sell beautiful hijabs, you're welcome.
Life update: I made a very ballsy move today haha and i can't wait to see how that works out. Let you know in the next post. I might end up doing my masters and having the best of both worlds. In shaa Allah kheir non.
Abayas- Modestcouture
Photography- ceekaymoney

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