Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ramadhan Abaya Series- Look 2

Asalaam aleikum loves, i think this is the last look i'll post for the ramadhan abaya series (not much of a series huh lol). This blush pink abaya gives such soft feminine vibes and it's perfect for the days you're extra in touch with your feminine side. Pictures coming up in a few after today's episode of what i feel like will be "Amina-Talks", help me find a less
cliche name please, thank you.
Here's what i have learnt in the last 3 years, oh, my 20's have been such lessons and i am so grateful for it all,now i am, not so much when they happened,

Islam does not talk of the pursuit of happiness but rather contentment. Excuse me if i'm late to this party but that has had me feeling peaceful like nothing else in this world. We are so hell-bent on being happy all the time but what we don't realize is, happiness is just one of many emotions that are temporary, and btw you must learn to be okay with the sadness,confusion,anger,disappointment as well because it's apart of who we are. We're not programmed to only be Happy beings. Like i said, all are temporary, but you know what's permanent, Contentment. Being content means you still have your peace of mind even when things don't work out, it means feeling like you have and are enough.

Some days are just horrible, like they would be funny if they weren't so fn tragic. Ever had days where a string of things, big to small go wrong, it's like asking 'what else could go wrong' and because life is oh so generous it shows you what else could go wrong. Haha, and sometimes i laugh at those moments because i realize it's a test and I've learnt to not ask "Why is this happening?" but rather i'm like the comeback is bigger than the setback, let's see what Allah has in store. I kid you not, that has me weirdly happy about things going wrong (i'm not crazy) because i'm so excited when i get through it with grace and gratitude and God just hands me a little present like, "Here, Amina, you passed the test". Trust me, always bigger and better.

You ask for patience, you get a line at the bank. I heard this line while i was listening to a TedX and it could not be more true. Life is going to put you in situations that require you to get what you asked for yourself, it's not going to be handed to you just like that. I used to feel like, Oh, so, my prayers won't be answered, but now i realize the hardship you go through in itself is a prep for a much bigger thing.

Give yourself more stuff, (yes i said stuff). I need to take care of myself a little more. Material stuff and experiences which btw i hear are much better, reward yourself in experiences and i'm trying to do more of that in shaa Allah. A little pamper session never hurt nobody.

That's it for now. I'm sure i've learnt more but this is the most recent,probably in the last year or so ad i can't seem to remember the rest haha.
 Love n Light
Outfit- Moderne
Photography- Little Red Photography
Location- Nasimi interiors