Friday, 2 June 2017

Ramadhan Abaya Series- Look 1

Asalaam aleikum loves, Ramadhan Kareem. I hope it's taking you well, nah, i hope it's filling you with absolute blessings and contentment. Speaking of ramadhan,
who else thinks it's going waay too fast, its day 7 already!. So we made a ramadhan collection for Moderne and i had to share with you guys ofcourse. I'll do it in a series form where i post one abaya every week till the end of ramadhan in shaa Allah. First look is a stripped abaya with turn up sleeve detail and pockets (you know your girl loves pockets), it also comes with a black inner dress, because the struggle to find something to wear under your open abaya is real no? We heard you.
Read your quran, attempt taraweeh and give charity.
Btw i realize i'm facing the same direction in all the pictures but it's my good side okay haha, no actually, we took a couple of shots in the same pose and all looked good and yea, the End.
Love n Light.

Oufit- Moderne
Photography- Little Red Photography 
Location/Prop/furniture- Nasimi Interiors


  1. the abaya looks so cute on you..

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