Saturday, 2 September 2017

The One With The Red Skirt

Asalaam aleikum loves! Eid Mubarak to those of you that are celebrating. I'll be honest and say that my Eid was not fun, i was working for the first half of it- seriously people
and the last minute Eid orders..smh. The seocnd half was spent with family but as an introvert, i just need to be by myself sometimes so i sat somewhere on the stairs, with my Plans to go watch GirlsTrip were cancelled last minute because i was sleepy as fork and abit very cranky. Anyway, i hope you had a lovely Eid and still are because this eid is 3days right?
These were taken the day before Eid while shooting the moderne september collection, this skirt is from that collection. This look was inspired by Nabilahkariem who's style is like no other to be honest. nairobi weather is so bi-polar right now, it rains while the sun is out sometimes, you never know what to expect but on this day, it was cold and i was happy because my look was very 'cold-chic'. A cozy knit sweater that is my favorite right now, a red skirt for the pop of color and boots, add a belt to accessorize the look. Sunglasses for the culture haha even though it wasn't sunny. 
Love n Light, Thanks for stopping by.

Sweater- Thrift, TOI
Skirt- Moderne
Boots- Thrift (bs)
Belt- Thrift(Eldoret)
Photography- Ceekaymoney

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