Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lessons learnt; OUTLIERS

Asalaam aleikum loves, Hey. I am currently in Mogadishu for work, i got here in the morning and the internet at my hotel room is what i imagine a slow painful death would feel like, maybe i'm being dramatic but it is not fun when most of your work requires you to have access to fast internet. The struggle is real and yet here i am attempting to do a blogpost. #lovechallenges lol i do not.
 If you follow me on instagram you might remember me posting about this book called Outliers and how amazing it is. I am not an expert on books so this is not a review but simply, lessons learnt from outliers and how i plan to seriously apply that to my life. 

- The path to success is not always as 'from rugs to riches' as it seems most of the times. Humble background, work hard, hustled and eventually made it, that's not entirely how it happens. There are so many series of opportunities that the people who are deemed successful had come their way and they seized it. Something as unnoticeable as the year you were born in, others that are obvious like your background. Lesson 1;SEIZE the opportunities that come your way.

- The Chinese numbering system is why most Asians are so much better at Maths than the rest of us. English numbers 11 as eleven, the Chinese say it as ten-one, they literally phrase numbers as they are, even their fractions are easy, 3/5 English three-fifths, Chinese say 'take 3 from five' it's not as complex as the variations in English which is why they are better at simple things like addition. Lesson 2; I am going to teach my kids Chinese or at least the numbers so they are good at math too. Long shot but so worth it.

- The 10,000 hour rule, apparently you need to put in that many hours of work to reach a level of mastery in anything you're doing. Lesson learnt;Importance of working hard, nothing is going to come easy and you need to put in the work.

I have 2 chapters left and i'll add on those lessons when i finish the book, probably on my way back to Nairobi, i binge read when i'm travelling because nothing bores me more than the hours you have to kill at an airport or while travelling. This has been one of those books that add something to you, make you feel smarter but don't take my word for it, go read it. Thank you Sahara for giving me the book and thank you guys for reading this.

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