Sunday, 1 October 2017


 Asalaam aleikum loves, hope you're all well. These weren't the pictures i was going to post but they are too fire to not do a blogpost on. I am
well alhamdulilah, good state of mind, healthy.
Life update, i am so tired all the time, physically not mentally, i get my 8 hours of sleep so i am mentally well rested, although some times i can't shut my brain off, it's like i'm asleep but awake at the same time and on that note i want to force myself to do more self care, A spa date would be the ideal but for now small things like eating 3 meals a day and putting a face masks on the weekends or taking a taxi once in a while instead of walking so damn much haha.
Let's get into this outfit shall we, The first time i saw this skirt was when my sister sent me a picture of it after it was made and she was like, "it's so huge, who the hell is going to buy this?" haha i texted back, it's perfect, it's sold out currently and people are asking about it so much i wish i could find this fabric again. I paired it with red heels that were killing my feet btw. The navy hijab,currently my fav,and a sweater, yeap, a sweater! I forgot my black bodysuit so i put this black sweater (i had on for the day) backwards and buttoned it up from the back, the sequin detail it had just added an extra something to the look i think. Thanks for stopping by, Love and Light.
Hijab- Madina Mall Eastleigh
Skirt- Mode_rne
Shoes- Atmosphere
Photography- Pre3tty


  1. people who are so damn extra like myself would love this huge skirt! can't wait for mine in shaa Allah 😊 🤗🙆

    1. haha there's actually so many of us extra girls, people really liked this skirt.