Saturday, 14 October 2017

Red Stripes

Asalaam aleikum guys, Hope you're all well. Very unlike me to do a blog post at this time of the night, it's 10:30pm but i sleep early and i am totally unproductive at night. So i did a little vote
on instagram between doing instagram posts and blog posts and most people said instagram but there was a good number that said blogposts. I just wanted to see the preference, not that it swayed my decision because i personally prefer my blog. It's more personal and intimate and the readers of this blog are my favourite people, Leave a comment below, let's interact. I get so sick of social media because of how detached everything seems, it's too vain and i, most of the time wonder why i'm still on that platform. I recently deleted close to 3k male followers in an attempt to make it more 'halal' and justifiable but that did not do anything for me. I am hoping to get to a place where that platform is serving a purpose bigger than myself..until then..taking one day at a time.
Let's talk fashion, the dress i'm wearing has huge cuff sleeves that was inspired by this new shirt trend. It's striped and in red too? Say no more fam. It's a Moderne piece and everything i make for moderne is inspired by something beautiful but mainstream and then i turn it into a modest fit for women who prefer modesty. Paired it with some androgynous shoes that have a plastic leather finish look to them which i am also wearing in this , hijab ofcourse Bold red lip, my new fav cat-eye sunnies which i'm wearing throughout because i can't be bothered with eye make up lol. 
Dress- ModerneModerne
Shoes- Bus station
Hijab- Eastleigh (Hong kong)
Sunnies- Town
Photography- Little Red
Location- Nasimiinteriors


  1. I love everything about this post! so preeettyy MashaAllah... i love the dress and the venue is superb will make a point to visit their showroom when I'm in Nairobi in shaa Allah 😊

    1. Aaaw, jazakAllah kheir habibti, and the showroom is something else,please do when you're back.