Friday, 9 March 2018

Punk Chic

Asalaam aleikum loves, Hope you're all well. I am good alhamdulilah. I didn't do a post last week because i hadn't planned out a proper outfit and i'd hate to post something
boring only for the sake of consistency. Anyway! I am doing a major closet clear out because i am so bored of everything i own right now, okay not all, but most of the things I own. I am building a capsule wardrobe which I feel is so vital especially if you're trying to save on time when dressing up, Ow, and if you're one of those "I have nothing to wear" but your closet is actually bursting with clothes. But that's a whole other blogpost which I will do in shaa Allah when I get my capsule wardrobe together.
This look right here is brought to you by my dear friend Maryam njoki and I. She is a celebrity stylist, (yes,celebrity,it just hit me too). I had an idea in mind but she made it even better and came through with the pieces I am wearing (except the dress). I wanted something different, a little trendy (peep the gucci belt) and fitting for currently rainy nairobi. We paired a biker leather jacket with floral details that add a feminine touch to it. The yellow details match this gold silk dress so well too. The jacket has a matte finish which I like because it does not have that sheen leather jackets have that scream 'plastic'. I bought this dress specifically for this look but is it practical for my everyday outfits? the minimalism in me just screamed "no sis" but we'll see. A gucci belt which maryam loosely tied around the waist,it reminded me of the belt-bag trend. 
The sock boots were killing my pinky toe but they look good with this outfit right?! Haha, pretty hurts huh.
That's the look guys, you can rock whatever dress,jacket and boots that you have to get the same look. Stay warm and chic. Leave a comment if you want a post on the capsule wardrobe or if you liked this look!
Jacket- Mode_chateau 
Dress-Bought from a family friend
Boots- Instyle
Photography- Scoart Photography


  1. Gold I thought Orange Gorgeous Ameena Always on point

    1. haha I didn't even know. That's how much i don't wear color, i forgot what orange looked like. Thanks babe.

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