Wednesday, 28 March 2018

One Small Step

Asalaam aleikum loves, How are you all doing? Great i hope in shaa Allah. As you can tell from the pictures, this is not a fashion post. We missed a week of the consistent blogging streak because I was in
Hargeisa for work. Safe to stay I enjoyed my stay in Hargeisa probably more than Mogadishu.
I was looking at my blog posts from 2016 and reading through them reminded me of a different me in that moment in time,kinda like looking through a photo-album and having all those memories come back to you. Which is why I decided to do this post, because I want to look back at this and remember the time that I made the decision to possibly quit my job and pursue my passion full-time. I have been battling with this decision for a while now and I have finally come to the decision that I want to leave my job to focus on my business-Moderne. I am yet to have the conversation with my boss but only because it is something I would like to do in person. It's a scary decision but probably the best I'm going to make regarding my life.
I see the potential my business has if I allow myself to focus solely on it and also depend solely on it. By depend, I mean income-wise. By putting myself in this position, one of two things will happen; Either i fail miserably and go back to formal employment or succeed and wake up every morning feeling so fulfilled that I did that! I don't plan on failing and I know God does not plan on seeing me fail so here I am, taking a small step towards what could possibly shape the rest of my life. In shaa Allah kheir.
Here's to doing things that spark joy in us, To taking risks and maybe living our best lives.
These pics were taken at home after i got this drink for my flu. They seem fitting for some odd reason so..Yea. Thanks for reading. Xo.

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