Tuesday, 10 April 2018


 Asalaam aleikum loves, I spent the better part of my day at the 3ina store at two rivers mall and can I just say that the aesthetics of that store is
WAOW (in patricia bright's voice). 3ina (pronounced mee-nah, does my title make sense now lol) is a global make up brand that...allow me to borrow the description from their website because I can't think of better words to explain it.

 "3INA is more than just makeup, it’s about creating a movement that is positive and inclusive, that delivers products fast and efficiently inspiring a sense of fun. 3INA is about inspiring people to think beyond the one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. It isn’t about an airbrushed myth of perfection, it’s real".

3ina recently opened a store iNairobi, Kenya. All 3ina products are cruelty and paraben-free. They are vegan wherever possible and are packaged sustainably using recyclable materials.  They have all types of make up products but we are going to focus on just the eyes for this post. All the products are quite affordable,if you know me,you know I'm all about saving the coin. 
If you look through 3ina's instagram, you will see that the brand is colorful,playful,fun and fearless and instinctively,I had to do an eye-look to match. Crystal did my make up yesterday and she slayed it,Thank you girl. She did a yellow wing with a blue eyeliner just below the wing to enhance it. I used navy blue mascara guys haha, If this ain't very 3ina, I don't know what is. I will leave details of the products used down below. We also did a video of the facebeat for Crystal's youtube channel, I will share the link once that is out. Thank you for passing by, Leave a comment below for any questions on the products or the post in general.
 Cream Eyeshadow in 301
The Color Mascara in 101
The Color Eyeliner in 502

Eye products at the store

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