Saturday, 17 September 2016


Salaam loves, so today I'm going to do a food post! a little out of my norm but who doesn't love a chic spot and some good food. I've always wanted to try out Bobo's, a Turkish restaurant in town but somehow never gotten to it until 2 days ago
I saw it's other newly opened branch in Sth C, imagine my joy because that's like 10mins away from where I live. I went with my sister today and had a very nice meal and some coffee. It truly did not disappoint. I'm not a foodie per se so I'm not going to get into the details of the food, I was most impressed by the interior d├ęcor of this place! OMG! Can we appreciate the beauty that is bobo's restaurant. This neon sign above is inside the restaurant and you can sit right next to it, so cool! The best part is it's very affordable! You gotta  try this place. I'm definitely going back.

All pictures taken with an iPhone by me.

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