Friday, 21 October 2016

When In Coast

Asalaam aleikum, let's skip the part where i tell you how 'life' happened and i couldn't blog because the real reason is i don't have a photographer lately or a camera for that, ps:while we're on that subject, if you are a photographer or know one,Message me on instagram.
You guys(insert excited emoji) i went to coast for a week. This was my fourth time there in my lifetime but this time was different. I was in-charge of my own trip,like no parents and all haha,adulting 101. I went with my sister and cousin so it was more fun. Plus the other reason why it was different is because i promised myself to travel before the end of this year to Zanzibar, but i ended up going to mombasa instead. I also went to malindi for the first time,(decent town). The pictures were not taken with a camera hence the quality but i had to share because it's my first 'travel' post since i started blogging. This is what i wore on those days i went out and got a chance to take a picture.

View from Fort jesus

English Point Marina

Malindi Pier
 Hope you enjoyed the post, thank you for visting and reading my blog. xoxo


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  2. Waaleykum msalaam. Nice read. Did you get a camera man finally?