Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Q and A (Get to know me)

Asalaam aleikum loves, so due to the lack of a photographer issue (seriously considering buying a camera) and the fact that i have never done a question and answer blog post i decided to do one today. Q&A is where you ask me questions and i answer them, that's basically it
. I asked my instagram followers to ask me questions and i got these questions, without further ado, let's get to it!
Q1: What drives you?
I would say i'm driven by the need to succeed, the idea that i want to be better and do better than i was yesterday. my vision for my future is what drives me. 
Q2: Who would you say is the most inspirational person to you?
My mother, she's the strongest woman i know and inspires me to be the best version of myself. All the women out there who are trying to be exceptional beings inspire me as well, i draw inspiration from everyone who has inspiration to offer really. 
Q3: Where do you see yourself in 5years? 
Hmm, this is always a hard question. Hopefully (in shaa Allah) a good career, making a difference in people's lives, married and a child in shaa Allah kheir.
Q4: What does a typical day in the life of Amina look like?
Honestly,this depends on the kind of day i'm having. If i have errands, i wake up and go do them then get back home, if i don't have errands i spend the whole day at home watching movies, might do a workout if i'm in the mood but rarely. If i have a shoot, that day is mostly taken up by the shoot because i'm a perfectionist haha. Nothing glamorous really. 
Q5:What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?
You never really think about this until someone asks haha,i guess in this heat,it would have to be body suits, like the one i'm wearing in this photos. 
Q6: How has your life changed post blogging?
First alhamdulilah for all the good that came with blogging because quite frankly i haven't received any negativity. Blogging has helped me realize what i'm good at aside from school haha, (finally a skill), It has enabled me to interact with beautiful souls (YOU GUYS!) even if it's virtually. I have also become more social and more confident i would say.
Q7: What is your biggest achievement so far? 
That would have to be graduating, i mean 8;4:4 is no joke you guys know haha
Q8: How would you describe your style in the muslim fashion world?
I'd say my style is modest chic. I love a clean look that is elegant and chic but also maintain modesty at the same time.
Q9: Any tips for fellow sisters on how to dress modestly yet maintain their personal style?
I would say plan your personal style around your religion. If you have islam in mind when dressing up then you'll be fine. Do your homework as well on religious dress code, the more you know about what's allowed and what is crossing the line, you'll be fine.
Q10: What are the challenges you face as a muslim blogger and how do you deal with them?
Well i'm facing one right now and that's getting a photographer, i prefer female photographers because religion and it's much more comfortable to pose hehe. I'm dealing with that by using my phone for i.g ootd's (outfit of the day). Another challenge that i haven't directly faced but i saw on an article that was done on the kenyan hijabi bloggers is people saying, 'this isn't hijab or stop misleading people' haha to these people i say, to each their own and learn to do this politely and in private, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. I mean there are also some things i don't agree with in the hijab fashion industry but i don't feel the need to be harsh about it. 

So those were all the questions, thanks to each and every one of you who asked, i would tag you but for privacy's sake i decided against it. Thanks to everyone for all the support! love you Xoxo. ps; follow me on instagram @ameena.abdul I post daily outfit pictures even if i'm not blogging.


  1. Love how u wore the black mashaAllah.........and totally agree with you on the harshness of people who dont agree