Thursday, 24 November 2016

Good as Gold

Asalaam aleikum ladies, how has this week taken you so far? Nothing but good vibes i hope. So let's talk about a little something called, 'personal style'. How do you know what your style is, what looks good on you, what flatters your body shape etc?. For me,
my personal style would have to be something comfortable,modest and chic. If i feel comfortable in it, yes, if it's within the bounds of my religion, yes! if it's chic yaas!.In an attempt to embrace our personal style, Some of us find some outfits that work for us and tend to dress the same literally every single day, just a different color maybe but the same outfit. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that, i mean after all i just talked about comfort and if that's what makes you feel comfortable then by all means! Go you. But since i'm a fashion blogger, my 'job' is to tell you guys about fashion and style. There's a little quote that says "Fashion is art and you're the canvas".Imagine a canvas and you get to draw something different every single day, would you draw the same painting every time? i think not. Your style is how you express yourself and with the endless possibilities and inspiration all around us, who would want to dress the same everyday? Right?. I might have just compared your style to a painting but hehe you get where i'm coming from i hope. So the next time you are dressing up, experiment,if you're always wearing dresses, try a skirt, if you're always wearing solid outfits try prints, minimalistic? try some color (note to self). Hope you're inspired to try something new as with all things in life not just in fashion.
Necklace- Dubois road
Shoes- Gift
Photography @pre3tty on instagram

XOXO, thanks for reading. 

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