Sunday, 20 November 2016


Asalaam aleikum ladies, a post has been long overdue but finally i've got something up. You guys i finally got a photographer! Yap the universe is conspiring for me to do this blogging thing awhile longer hehe.
Anyway i read this cool article about 'Mind over mater' and lemme tell you, mind blown! it explains how your mindset can control your body,basically your mind can be the boss of your body. Positive thoughts and vibes will be equal to a positive life. I'm trying that and its going to go great! (can you tell i'm already doing it lol). Okay let's talk about the bipolar weather that is in Nairobi right now...I like the cold weather,not the rain..still Alhamdulilah..but it can be a bummer especially for someone who has to do shoots and doesn't like buying umbrellas. I just walk in the rain btw, why do people run around like it's not just I was to do a whole lookbook on dressing for the cold weather but this weather is hot and cold so i thought how about a layered outfit so you can chuck off the extra 'layers' as the sun comes out.

Top- Toi Market
Skirt- Toi 
Boots- b/s Town
Bag- Eastleigh
Neckpiece- Dubois rd 
Photography by Little red photography @pre3tty on i.g

Thanks for stopping by Xoxo.