Sunday, 27 November 2016

Winning Women 2.0

Asalaam aleikum ladies, so some time back i had a new segment called winning women to celebrate the women who inspire us everyday and are doing a good job at this thing called life. Call it a real life Woman crush wednesday,
by real i mean women who are doing something that truly inspires us in one way or another, not just the #wcw on i.g of your sister or girlfriend just because it's wednesday. This was inspired by Aisha Baker of where she usually has a sit down with other boss ladies like her and they have some sort of interview. I did one with Aisha Khan, USIU student counsel president, but i couldnt continue coz of school and well just life. Not to mean that i was busy but i had no photographer nor the resources per se to have a sit down with every woman i want to talk about on the blog and some times the issue of location,maybe they aren't even in Kenya. I want to continue this segment.i'll have sit downs when i can or otherwise have virtual interviews with these women, either way there will be a post up every wednesday (challenging myself here haha)
 I think it's only fair that i start with myself before talking with other people just to give you,a glimpse into my 'life'? i don't know what to call it really.
I graduated in july, there's literally a whole post on that so i'm not going to talk about it more. Got my bachelor degree and recently also got my diploma in project management. The initial plan was to get an internship with an NGO (U.N) to be precise and work my way up to full time employment and live happily ever after, lol. Then there's Allah's plan (alhamdulilah) where i didn't get any job or internship and it's been a series of job applications, giving papers to people who 'know' other people because you know it is Kenya (kenyans will get this). There was a time i gave up blogging because i thought it wasn't what i needed to put my focus on but rather try finding a job, you know, something that paid me,inspired me and motivated me because quite frankly putting this much effort into something that doesn't reward you when you need the reward can burn you out. But i got back to it because it wasn't just a blog, it kind of became a brand, i got attention for it from media(shoutout to all the online articles haha), girls said it's inspiring so i started to see the reward, still didn't pay but who's to say it won't in a few years, we all start somewhere right? It's been almost a year of serious blogging and so far,Alhamdulilah. I also started an online fashion design business and made my first collection, it did fairly well. It didn;t sell out or anything, NO, i got clients, some pieces were sold but i didn't even sell some of the other pieces at all. I didn't quite see the profit as well because i was trying to have fair prices, you know something i would pay for too if i was a teen or in school. All in all it has been a learning experiences and the next time i plan to make something i'll know better. I also started something else which is a story for another day. People see your flawless pictures online and think you have it all figured out, HAHA, no my friends, far from it. I think the hardest thing i've had to teach myself is to trust the timing of my life, to be patient while Allah works things out, I could be praying for a drop while He is preparing the whole ocean. This post is far too long so i'll leave it here,God knows i could go on forever, learning about myself everyday so alot more to say but i won't.Side note, There's something about hard times that teaches you to appreciate what you already have.

Thanks for reading. Xoxo. Leave a comment below if you relate i guess, ow or a woman you'd like me to feature.

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