Sunday, 11 December 2016

AmeenaxModerne, The Nude dress

Asalaam aleikum (to ya'll who read this blog), realized i keep saying ladies a lot but hey who knows who's out there reading this. I'm so excited to share my second collection with you, my little blog fam. Remember how i told you
i had a modest wear brand in my previous post (Winning Women 2.0) , well now we have a second collection out which i think is better than the first thanks to the lessons learnt and mistakes made in the first one,(moral of this sentence:You only fail when you give up) Its a nuetral collection which i called Chance Collection because of second chances and good luck, yes i can be corny like that haha but i love it!. I'm choosing to post this Nude pencil dress because it's sorta my favorite piece, (all the pieces are bomb though) so like a biased mother i decided to do a whole post on it, lol.
It's a pencil dress with bishop sleeves, Nude in Color, but also available in Black and Peach. The fabric is the softest thing ever and its easy to walk in, meaning its pencil but still has enough walking room. I dressed it up with heels and my fave statement Neck piece. Now you might be thinking (or not) does she only have this neck piece? No i have others but this is the only statement piece i own, Caroline Mutoko taught me,(Watch this). I only posted the pictures up on my business page(mode_rne) last night and the response is amazing you guys, whether its just to say you love the pieces or to buy something, i appreciate ya'll. Thank you, for taking out of your time to come read this, means something. Go buy something to! 
XOXO, Ameena. 
Dress-  mode_rne
Neck piece- Dubois Road
Shoes- Eastleigh
Hijab- Eastleigh

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