Sunday, 25 December 2016


Asalaam aleikum queens, We all have that one outfit that makes you feel regal and oh so elegant, this gown and cape two piece is that Outfit for me! Gifted to me by my friend and amazing Nigerian designer Aisha of SpectrumbyAisha a few months ago at
the Nairobi Modest Fashion week. It's been two months and only two weeks ago was i able to shoot in this dress, why? Well a lot just kept getting in the way, life,no photographer and even a red bodysuit (yea you heard me). Despite all that it worked out for the best because over that time my Nigerian Instagram follower count has been increasing. A quarter of my followers if i should say are Nigerians now. You see, i'm of more use to her brand now than i would be two months ago. God's timing is perfect as always. Red is such a rich color, it symbolizes intensity in everything right? love, blood,danger and everything else it stands for so how perfect is it for this dress that makes you feel nothing short of a queen? Peep that lace detail on the cape, gorgeous!
In other news, today marks my blog anniversary, which should technically have been in April but i will tell you why its in December. I had been playing around with the idea of starting a blog from April, so i would take pictures on my phone and post them on my then, wordpress blog, the layout was horrible, picture quality was just dead, don't even get me started on consistency and outfits. That blog was more personal really coz i wasn't confident enough to talk about it on social media or with anyone aside from my sisters and they didn't even get what i was doing at the time. I wasn't even actively on any social media at the time, Instagram was just a place to stalk people and laugh at funny memes. So my friend Brenda,(hey bree) was interested in photography and had a camera with her at times so i was like "You know i have a secret blog, maybe you could take my pictures as you work on your photography as well" She was into the idea. By then it was November. The picture quality was better but i still didn't like the boring wordpress layout, so i bought a blogger template that was on sale from  and moved my content to blogger. The rest is history. December 26th is the day this blog came to life, hence the blogaverssary. Here's what i have learnt about blogging in the past year. 
  1. Not everyone will get it at first and that's fine so long as you're happy with what you're doing, Some people still don't get it up until now hehe, "why do you take pictures all the time?" "What good is it?, Do you get money?"  It's something i enjoy doing people, give it a rest. 
  2. You'll make a lot of mistakes, not just at the beginning but through out. From bad pictures to a bad website layout and all of that but the beauty is in the struggle. Mistakes are always a learning opportunity. 
  3. You have moments where you will feel like you're not capable of going on or doing it, the blogging and all the social media stuff and it's okay. You need to take a break?, take a break because sometimes you might feel burnt out. 
  4. You are a BRAND. You might not notice it at first but you start to see the impact you have on people who read your blog and people who tell you you have inspired them, i mean it doesn't get better than that and you have to take all those things into consideration when people want to work with you as a blogger. Ask for a reward! You are a brand and it's worth something. 

Thanks for being with me a whole year! XOXO


  1. MASHALAH it is amazing outfit and the color combination is bomb, i can feel your struggles but guess what you made it already and I pray inshalah that you become a better blogger inshalah in the coming year

  2. In shaa Allah habibty, thank you for the kind words. Bless.