Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bells and Pleats

Asalaam aleikum good people, i don't want to keep this post long but somehow when people say that posts get out of hand. Alhamdulilah it's the end of the year, which btw
i thought was going to be on Sunday,lol. Ow before we do that let's look at my outfit details. We went to the karen blixen museum which was a nice experience, i like to go places i've never been to yet. My friend is starting a photography company,she took all these lovely pictures, please go check her out on i.g Perfectpandake Okay, i guess we're ending the year with another monochrome look, maybe i'll try colour next year in shaa Allah. Let's take stock of 2016 briefly
Grateful; for the will of God in my life. I would write something really long about everything i've accomplished this year but it wouldn't be possible without God's hand in it so yea. Friends for keeps, job,family,business, this blog, all of it.
Learning; to give thanks even when things don't go my way. So hard but its the real test of life if you ask me. Also learning to be kinder to people and have patience.
Excited; about what 2017 holds, 2016 has been good to me and even when it wasn't i was learning something which to me is always good. 
Praying; for the people in my life, for forgiveness.
Loving; life, as cliche as it sounds. Positivity just brings back positivity and i'm loving all that
Living; positively.
Feeling; Content alhamdulilah
Applauding; just like i said in april, everyone out there who is making something out of themselves. Ow and the girls who did great in kcse. 
Wearing; Black bell sleeve blouse- Mode_rne on i,g
Pleated Skirt- Custom made
Shoes- Thrift
Bag- Eastliegh
Hijab- Eastleigh
Photography; Perfectpandake

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