Saturday, 14 January 2017

A little Pastel

Asalaam aleikum, Hey! hope you are doing great and feeling blessed, i know i am. Here's the thing about doing posts on other people (Winning women posts), you borrow something from everyone's 'way of life' for lack of a better word.
Fatma, last week said she rewarded herself with experiences and not material things, i thought was quite interesting and its something i hope to do for myself. Still deciding if Sundays should be the day for that. Btw i figured i'd tell you guys whatever book i'm reading every time i'm doing a post because reading is probably one of the best things that has happened to me, not even exaggerating right now. I just finished 'The fortune cookie principle' which is a great book about branding and i loved it. I want to start reading 'Mastermind dinners' hoping it's not about food lol. Let you know what i pick from that during the next post.
To the outfit, I posted a picture on instagram and this skirt was kinda of a hit lol, I've worn all these seperately before but together it became some chic pastel party and i loved it. 
Outfit- Eastleigh (Garissa Lodge)
Shoes- Bus station, Town
Necklace- Dubois rd
Photgraphy - @pre3tty on i.g

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