Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Winning Woman- Jamila El-Jabry

Meet Jamila El-Jabry, award winning lifestyle blogger behind the blog lifeinmombasa Her amazing photography skills combined with the desire to showcase her hometown Mombasa for the beautiful, vibrant cultural city it is, she was inspired to start the blog. Jamila also has a degree in Interpersonal communication. Here is what we talked about. As always brace yourself for another inspiring woman.  

 1.Tell us a little about yourself, who is Jamila?
My name is Jamila Hassan Awadh El-Jabry. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Arts emphasis in Interpersonal communication from Metropolitan State University in Minnesota USA. I am a person of many things, I like to take walks at the beach, watch movies and travel. I make friends easily, and I always make sure my friends succeed. I support all my friends and try to uplift each person daily.

 2.What is it that you do as a career?
Currently I am the Business development Manager at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

 3.What’s the hardest and the best part about your job?
Hardest part is getting students in to the college, the best part is working with students and seeing student succeed in their course.

4.You run a blog called ’Life in Mombasa’, tell us more about that?
Life in Mombasa is basically a lifestyle/Regional blog about Mombasa, I showcase Mombasa via photography and personal blogs. I was tired of the negative portrayal of Mombasa, Mombasa is beautiful it has beautiful places to visit, enjoy and experience.  But not a lot of people know about these places. So many hidden gems in Mombasa, a lot of history that is not taught in our schools and our rich vibrant culture. I wanted to tell our own story from my perspective as a Mombasa resident.

5.In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself back up?
I look at how far I have reached and work harder, and also always knowing that Allah knows better. Everything happens for a reason. It’s all about understanding what is ahead, and working towards it. Self-doubt happens, you can’t avoid it but learning to understand it and use it to become better is the key. I always try to work hard to become better.

6.What does success mean to you?
Being content with where you are. Success doesn’t mean fancy cars and a big house, to me success is being content with where you are in your life. The networks you have made, the achievement you have achieved and above all- helping others succeed.

 7.What quote or saying or book do you live by or rather inspires you?
Don’t sweat the small stuff it’s all small stuff. The book changed my life and I always think about it once in a while. Half the time, I always stress about small things but I remember it’s just small stuff. It keeps inspiring me to be better and let things go.

 8. Which of your traits are you most proud of, why?
My adaptation, I can easily adapt to any new environment or situation. I am very much open to anything new and can easily assimilate. I think because since I was a child, I was taken to live with grandparents and from there I learned to adapt to the environment and the many changes in my life. I am proud because I can be put in any situation around the world and I can easily assimilate and get used to the new life. It has helped me travel more, because I can just go and stay somewhere for a few days without feeling like an outsider.

9. What characteristic do you most admire in other women, career women or otherwise?
Decision Makers:
I admire women who can make decision fast and the right decision, if any situation arises they are the first ones to direct for solutions.
I admire women who are aggressive, they fight for their rights. They work hard to be the best in their companies, their work place. Those women who climb the corporate ladder with their hard work and perseverance.
I admire women who are articulate, who can speak fluently in front of others. They speak with confidence and calmness. When they start to speak everyone wants to listen, their words are always filled with wisdom and knowledge.

10.What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received in your life and what advice would you give to girls who look up to you?
Be proud of who you are! Wherever you go be proud of who you are, don’t try to be like someone else. Be the best version of yourself because at the end it’s your own life. Believe in yourself, and believe in you whatever your heart desires. Never forget your values, and no one said I CAN’T where they are. Just dream big and do it! 

Mombasa is best known for its rich history,food and the beach. Here are some of the images she has taken.

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