Friday, 20 January 2017


Asalaam aleikum loves, you know after the greetings, i usually don't know what small talk to follow it up with lol, but i hope you are all feeling happy and blessed (because what else is there to feel right?..positivity). So you peep that leather jacket yes?
I knoow, i love it too. It's one of those 'investment' pieces for me. It cost a little extra but i was hellbent on a Biker Leather jacket so when i finally got it, mama splurged. Now you all know i'm not a tomboy, far from it but i dress tomboy chic from time to time, especially on a weekend. denim, bomber, leather, tommies (i hate converse on girls esp when you're not wearing it with a trouser), espadrilles are BAE. Really. Comfort is also key right, so for me a maxi dress with a loose fit is my go-to all the time. Get yourself a couple of these dresses in basic colours because then, you can wear them with whatever outer layer you want, in any colour. Been obsessing over maxi denim jackets..need to get one. For accessories, a tote with a cool message never hurt nobody *wink*, never been a fan of big bags until i got this one for a bargain (100bob) and it said *under cover* and i was like i must get this because you know i'm a hijabi (under cover) get it? Ok, or a cross body bag (which i live in) will do too. Other accessories like shades, just make a look cooler so..get one haha. 
I have read like 5 books and January isn't even over yet, that deserves a clap or something lol. Last book i read, Zahir by Paulo Coelho, This book, on love, i think made me realize the importance of self love before anything else and being content with whatever type of love you feel for yourself or for someone else. Just be, don't try to control it. Which has given me peace of mind that i didn't even know i needed. As always thanks for reading, XoXo.

Leather jacket- Toi market
Dress- Eastleigh
Hijab- @aysher_trendz on i.g
Bag- Sth b shopping centre
Shoes- Bata
Shades- Town (archives)
Photography- @pre3tty on i.g