Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sporty CHic

 Asalaam aleikum loves, its one of those Long sundays,its just boring and to top it all off, the electricity went out, bruv i even had an afternoon nap which is odd for me coz i can't get myself to sleep during the day.
I decided to do a sporty chic look (obv as the title says lol). You've probably seen all these pieces apart, or not, but it's the first time i've paired them together. To pull off a sporty but chic look, you just get an outfit you wouldn't normally wear with casual shoes and just do it, haha. It's actually that easy btw. Pinterest is also your best friend if you would like to explore some more options.  Anyway, shot these pictures with my friend,Maryam and they turned out great. Check her blog out here
Blazer- Eastleigh
Top- Eastleigh
Skirt- Mode_rne on i,g
Shoes-Bus station
Bag- Eastleigh
Scarf- Eastleigh