Sunday, 23 April 2017


 Asalaam aleikum loves, long time no posts, i know. I love me a striped outfit though, funny how this is my first outfit with stripes, well as a full dress at least. How have you guys been?
I have been good alhamdulilah, i've missed my blog you guys. I'm making some grown up choices with moderne and this blog too so look out for that yes? In other news, I am being dressed by VivienneTaa for the Bake awards, (VOTE FOR ME! so excited to see my dress for the gala night. Speaking of dresses this one is from Moderne and i can't wait to post it for sale in shaa Allah. I thought i had so much more to say but i don't apparently lol. Thanks for reading, Xo.
Dress- Mode_rne on i.g
Shoes- Gifted
Belt- Thrift
Bag- Eastleigh
Hijab- Eastleigh
Stunners- Toi
Photography- Shinningonemedia